Friday, October 8, 2010


For ya'll  that aint know BPNation is much more than just a rap group.This is an organiztion/team of young creative individuals striving for universal acceptance. BPNation was founded in 2010 by Justin Daye & Rakeem Redmon. Somehow, this particular group of people created a general appeal without compromising musics, ideas, P.O.V.'s etc. "BP" stands for back pack which is sometimes misinterpreted by the general public. The word "backpack" has very little to do with attire or style of dress,but instead has everything to do with revolution, evolution, and self awareness. We truly feel we have alot to contribute to pop culture and urban society. Justin Daye even stakes that BPNation is a brand new counter culture. Backpacking is a lifestyle, a state of mind, not an exterior presentation of ones self. We gather tremendous influence from people like Kurt Cobain,John Lennon,Jean Michael Basquait, Cyndi Lauper,David Bowie,Lupe Fiasco, and many more.

Justin Daye
Rakeem Redmon
Lakia The 'Riz Brown
Askia Nelson
Bre Johnson
Tyrone Allen
Bilal El-Amin
Dre Day

BPNation Aka BackPackNation


My 1st Mixtape Daye & Nite